Love that they let us take pic
Lol .. the chic in the chair had a big ass smile when he was done rubbing his penis all over her face
Male review in Augusta Georgia
Went to my first male review and it was awesome. . So much energy in the room these guys were gorgeous and really excellent dancers. I have been to a regular strip club here in Augusta Georgia and its no way like a male review .. no energy like this

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I’ve always thought an old tree stump would make a beautiful altar. Especially, when I see them still in the ground. I would never cut down a tree but if I found a stump I’d make an altar to honor the lost tree. <3

I agree. Although I would never cut down a healthy tree, if a tree was dead; dying; diseased etc and there was no way to save it I would cut it down for safety…

me when someone steals a french fry at mcdonalds
I would love to be walking on that beach in that moonlight with you .
Me, too me too!!!!!!